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evam eva のコレクションに欠かすことのできない麻生地「water linen」。一般的なリネンよりも繊維が傷みにくく、風合いが保たれ、着続けることでより味わい深くなるのが特徴です。
長い歴史の中で育まれてきた水撚りという特殊な技法で撚られた糸を伝統ある技術で丁寧につくられている 「water linen」 。滋賀県の湖西と湖東の対岸で生まれるものづくりを辿りました。

column|water linen

“Water linen” is an indispensable linen fabric for evam eva’s collection. The fibers of water linen are less prone to damage than those of ordinary linen, and the texture of the fabric is preserved and becomes more palatable with continued wear.
“Water linen” is carefully produced with traditional techniques using yarns twisted by a special technique called water twisting, which has been nurtured over a long history. We traced the production process of water linen on the opposite shores of Kosai and Koto in Shiga Prefecture

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